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Applications In Process Industry

Abrasives Ceramic Powder Calcium Nitrate
ABS powder Crushed Bones Paints
Aluminium foil (granulated) Cellulose Powder Potassium Chlorate
Aluminium Powder Detergent Powder Sand
Aluminium Swarf / Coolant Dextrose Silicon Carbide
Ammonium Phosphate Insecticides Starch Slurry
Ammonium Nitrate Metal Powder Steel shots/grits
Baby Food Ossein Spices Turmeric Powder, Chilli powder, Coriander/Dry Ginger Powder
Calcined Petroleum Coke Polymer Resin/Pellets (nylon, PVC, LDPE, PP Polystyrene, Polyester) Sulphur Powder
Cattle Feed Pulp and Paper Mill Sugar Powder
Catalyst Pellets (a) Recovery of fibre Sodium Sulphate
Ceramics (b)Black Liquor STPP and Soda Ash
(a) Ceramic Slurry  (c) Milk of lime   Tea: (Black Tea)
(b) Glazed Slip (d) Starch/Talcum Slurry Table Salt
Bentonite clay powder (e) Paper Coatings. Carbon Pellets.
Bauxite (f) White Water  
Carbon Activated Pentaerythritrol Polyethylene Pellets
Polystyrene Beads Graphite Powder Bauxite
Sodium bicarbonate Talcum Powder  
Resin (Ion Exchange) Sugar Mill 
(a) Raw Juice 
(b) Milk of lime 
(c) Sugar Seeds 
(d) Sugar
Borax (Anhydrous)
Vermiculite   Wood Charcoal
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Applications In Food Industry

Screening of Ground Almonds. Screening of Coconut Shell Powder Screening of maida flour.
Screening of papaya cubes. Screening of Soya & maida flour, Dry potato powder. Screening of Starch powder.
Separation of waste threads, jute, coriander seeds etc. from Sugar granules. Screening of Turmeric pigment. Screening of Refined Table Salt.
Separation of solid fat from ghee. Clarification of Alkaline Extracts of Soya Flakes. Sorting of Orthodox Tea.
Screening of Castor Seed Extraction. Meat Meal. Biscuit Pieces.
Animal Blood (Removal of bone chips and contaminants).   Bone Meal.
Dehydrade onion garlic poweder  Coffee Powder. Copper Sulphate.
    Citrus Pulp / Juice
Citrus Skin / Oil and water emulsion   N.P.K. Fertilizer
Lactose   Milk Powder
Fish Press liquor Peas (frozen) Soya Flour
Chilly Powder Turmeric Powder Salt industreis 
Tobacco   Green Tea
Wheat Flour    
Clarification of bottle washing caustic solution (BREWERIES) Skim Milk powders Fish Meal
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Applications In Chemical Industry

Classification of Anhydrous Aluminium Chloride. Classification of Polyester Beads.
Clarification of Sea Weed Extract. Degritting Milk of lime slurry.
Removal of metallic bits by screening Salicyclic Acid. Screening Hydrate Lime.
Screening of Acrylate Powder. Screening of Calcium Carbonate Powder.
Screening of Calcium carbide. Screening of Chalk Powder.
Screening of effluent overflow from Hydrocyclone. Screening of Gum Powder.
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Miscellaneous Applications

Removal of broken pellets from pelletiser. Clarification of fermented Maize Slurry.
Clarification of steeping press liquor. Grading of dried yeast (Brewers).
Screening of Rice Straw. Screening of Crimson paint.
Screening of backwater from paper-mill. Screening of cottonstem chip.
Removal of coarse fibres from paper mill effluent. Screening of Refractory Grog.
Screening of coconut shell powder. Rubber particles.
Screening of Crushed Silica Sand. Screening of polyester chips to remove strands.Screening of Detergents
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